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Police | Definition, History, Organizations, & Facts | Britannica
Police, body of officers representing the civil authority of government. Police typically are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. Police are often also entrusted with various licensing and regulatory activities.

Armed police called to scene of serious assault in south Wales
Armed officers are attending the scene of a serious assault in a former mining village in south Wales, triggering the closure of nearby schools and a community centre. One person has been taken by ...

Police - Wikipedia
Police. German State Police officer in Hamburg, with the rank of Polizeihauptmeister mit Zulage ("police chief master with upgraded pay") The police are a constituted body of persons empowered by a state, with the aim to enforce the law, to ensure the safety, health, and possessions of citizens, and to prevent crime and civil disorder.

Opinion | Police Departments Are Struggling to Solve Crimes - The New ...
In 2022, police departments, on average, solved only 37 percent of violent crimes, just over half of all murders and non-negligent manslaughters, and only 12 percent of property crimes. While ...

Former police chief sentenced to 11 years for involvement in ... - CNN
A former California police chief who brought a hatchet to the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and gave prior speeches calling for the execution of his perceived political enemies, was sentenced to 11 ...

Aberfan stabbing: Police extend cordon in South Wales as manhunt ...
The police cordon has been extended this afternoon, Sky News's Wales reporter Tomos Evans reports, as the investigation continues. Aberfan stabbing as it unfolded Image: Police at the scene in Moy ...

Law enforcement in the United States - Wikipedia
As of 2020, more than 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers have been serving in the United States.About 137,000 of those officers work for federal law enforcement agencies.. Law enforcement operates primarily through governmental police agencies. There are 17,985 police agencies in the United States which include local police departments, county sheriff's offices, state troopers, and federal ...

Police Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
police: [noun] the internal organization or regulation of a political unit through exercise of governmental powers especially with respect to general comfort, health, morals, safety, or prosperity. control and regulation of affairs affecting the general order and welfare of any unit or area. the system of laws for effecting such control.

News, Training, Products for Police, Law Enforcement Professionals
The Police1 Police Vehicles product category is a comprehensive collection of information, product listings and resources for researching law enforcement Vehicles. This product category covers patrol cars, specialty vehicles and more.

Police - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Police. Police are a group of people whose job is to enforce laws, help with emergencies, solve crimes and protect property. A person who carries out this duty is known as a police officer.. They work out of a police station. Police are trained in first aid and rescue, because police officers are often one of the first people to get to a place where people are sick or injured, such as a car ...